Easily manage your COVID-19 contact tracing requirements.

Simple for you, painless for your users. Takes less than 30 seconds to register. Branded with your logo and customisable to fit your circumstances. Up and running within 24 hours.

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Don't let COVID tracing requirements get in the way. A simple app to make sure you and any visitors to your venue are safe.

Register any visitor to your venue in under 30 seconds. Verify attendance within the app. Provides full traceability information should it be required. All data is encrypted and automatically deleted after 21 days (or if a sports club for the period specified by your sports governing body).

Simple and secure

A digital record easily managed by you

Avoid having to keep paper records or trawl through emails and all your social media sites to find out who has visited your venue. Centralised registration and management that keeps you in control AND satisfies any COVID tracking requirements you may have.


Exactly what you need and no more


Register visitors to your venue in under 30 seconds either with a QR code or directly.


Templates already exist for major sports, restaurants, bars and venues.

Any Device

You don't need special hardware. Just use your phone or any computer / tablet.


Verify visitors as they arrive at your venue in under a second.

Your data is safe

All data is secure, encrypted and only the account owner can see contact details.

No Privacy concerns

All data collected is automatically deleted after 21 days (or if a sports club for the time specified by your sports governing body).

QR Code Registration

Use QR codes for direct access

Using the unique QR for your account your customers can go directly to your branded registration page.

Try this QR code yourself to see it working.

Alternatively, click here to see the registration portal.

Sample Customers


Lisnagarvey Hockey Club
Lisburn Cricket Club
Belfast Harlequins Rugby Club
Lisburn Swimming Club
Coleraine Football Club
Laganside Netball Club

Food / Venues

Zen Belfast
Tribal Burger
Dormans Bar & Restaurant
Little Wing Pizza
Merchant Hotel
Larchfield Estate


Leprechaun Bar
The Perch
Points Bar / An Sibin
Filty McNastys
The Dirty Onion
7 Duke Street

What our customers say about US

Zen Belfast

Restaurant Manager

Easy to use and very convenient for our customers. They can even link directly to our menus afer registering.

Lisnagarvey Hockey Club

Covid Officer

We have had over 1100 people back to playing hockey in just 10 days. A massive success for us using this app.

Harlequins Rugby

Club Secretary

We wanted a solution that satisfied our governing body, worked across the club and was easy to use

Northern Cricket Union

Regional Officer

We are using the app in multiple venues to manage our regional coaching program. First class!

Lisburn Cricket Club

Hon. Secretary

Takes away the contact tracing issues for us. No brainer from the moment we saw it.

Lisburn Swimming Club

Committee Member & Senior Coach

We checked this out carefully and are 100% satisfied it's the right solution for us.

Pricing Plan

Low cost and effective

Sports Clubs

  • Any device
  • Fast registration
  • Management interface
£ 120 / 140
(12 months)


  • As for Sports clubs, plus
  • Customised links
  • QR Codes pack
  • Simpler registrations
£ 180 / 210
(12 months)


  • Multiple venues no problem
  • Brandable by venue
  • Centralised reporting
  • Contact us for a quote
£ POA (12 months)

Frequently Asked Questions

My activity needs custom COVID questions, can you help?

We already support multiple major sports and the COVID requirements vary by sport / venue. The questions asked can easily be tailored to your needs within the 24 hour registration period.

Is my data safe?

The data is stored in an encrypted database. This means that even in the unlikely event of the site being compromised, your data is still encrypted and unreadable.

Why do I have to login?

You do not have to login to register. Registering takes less than 30 seconds. The venue staff DO have to login to see who has registered or to verify attendance. Verifying takes less than a second.

What do you do if I can't scan the QR code?

There is an easy to use first page where you just type in the name of the venue. You can see this by clicking here.

What do I need to do to get set up?

Go to the payment page and make a payment for your sector. We then setup your account and users with your logo and any sector specific COVID questions. You will be up and running in 24 hours.

How long are you keeping my data?

All collected data is automatically deleted after 21 days (or if a sports club for the number of days specified by your sports governing body). Only the primary user for each site can see your details.

What do I do if the COVID contact tracing personnel call?

Given a specific name / date of visit, etc. you can easily filter to find out who was present in your venue at that time. You can then download and send this data to the contact tracing team.

What happens if a lot of people turn up at once?

The management portal supports multiple members of your staff veriying visitors at the same time. The is also a "sync" button so that everyone can see current registrations in real time.